Our Mission

The mission of the Ready Or Not Foundation is to promote a national and international awareness of pediatric brain cancer, and to raise research dollars in search for better treatments and a cure of pediatric brain cancer

One out of
every 330

One out of every 330 parents

Nobody is ready for cancer to come into their family. No parent can be ready to hear the terrible statistics that accompany high grade pediatric brain cancer. Whether you are ready or not, one out of every three hundred thirty (330) parents will find themselves facing a cancer battle with their own child.


The Ready or Not Foundation is matched dollar for dollar.


Without a doubt, the greatest accomplishment of the Ready or Not Foundation is the Foundation's ability to promise each and every donor that 100% of every dollar contributed will be dedicated to pediatric brain cancer research. This opportunity exists because a small group of committed underwriters and grants which have been awarded are covering the administrative costs and expenses for the Foundation.